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Solar Thermal Array

Our team at Butterfly Energy Systems is hard at work bringing automated, high efficiency energy systems to the residential and commercial market. Striving to develop innovative designs, our systems are designed to improve the environment of your workplace and home while preserving our natural environment.

Butterfly Energy Systems now distributes Solar Thermal and Split Type Heating and Air Conditioning systems tailored specifically for your home or office. With a Solar Thermal system, you can now capture the energy of our natural surroundings to heat your rooms and pool in an environmentally friendly way.

Butterfly Energy System's Air Intelligent Series provides heating and air conditioning for your home and office with Split Type Heating and Air Conditioning systems. Our wall mount systems are designed for Canadian weather and provide year round climate control. With a flat, sophisticated finish, you can enjoy energy savings while you gain uncompromised comfort at home and at work.

Energy Management System

Energy Management Controller

Buildings commonly draw energy from many different sources including solar, geo-thermal, and air-to-air heating/cooling. Using multiple energy sources in a single building is beneficial from an efficiency standpoint as it allows the system determine when to replace expensive electricity use with different natural heating and cooling mechanisms. Butterfly Energy System's Energy Management System tackles this problem.

The Butterfly Energy System's integrated energy management system coordinates different electrical and mechanical devices within the building. The brain of the integrated energy management system is the energy management controller (EMC). The EMC communicates with all of the devices in the building, allowing the building to operate in unison. Users simply log on to the network on any mobile smart phone, tablet or personal computer.

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