Butterfly Energy Systems

About Us

Butterfly Energy Systems is a private technology company founded by Duc Luong in 2005. Based in the Greater Moncton Area of New Brunswick, Canada, we provide energy management solutions to a wide range of clients - from residential, to commercial, institutional, and industrial operations.

Whether you are looking for a controller to run a single system, or a way to balance multiple systems, Butterfly Energy's Energy Management Controller can assist in saving energy and minimizing environmental impacts. With quick and seamless implementation, for new construction and retrofit markets, you will not only be able to integrate several systems to work together harmoniously, you will also be able to track historical data and generate actual energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Butterfly Energy Systems currently distributes to the maritime provinces of Canada with the intent of expanding into Quebec and Ontario within 2-3 years.

Butterfly Energy is in the development stages of implementing a self-learning system which will adapt to individual life styles. With new innovations being developed every day, Butterfly Energy Systems lives by its motto, innovations for tomorrow.

Our Mission

It is our mission to develop and bring to market innovations for tomorrow, providing our customers with efficient, high quality thermal control systems that improve living environments while conserving our natural environment.