Butterfly Energy Systems

Research and Developement

Research and development is the “beating heart” that sustains all aspects of BES - the company and its products and services. Research categories include:

1. Systems Controller.

This is the “brain” behind every decision made by a BES system. Consequently, the chief function of our R&D team is to continuously improve its intelligence, flexibility, and its self-learning capability.

2. Sensors and devices.

These are tentacles that the “brain” uses to exert its controls. Our R&D team is developing a wide range of devices for a wide variety of applications.

3. New sources and technology.

Of course we are not operating in a vacuum. Consequently, our team is constantly looking for the latest development in materials, technology, new sources of energy to be integrated to our system. This is synonymous to a brain always learning new things to improve its capability.

4. Developing applications.

Part of developing a system is a continuous search for its applications. The focus of these apps will be the social-economic and environmental gains for BES and its customers- chiefly Canadians and Canada as a whole.

5. Bridging people across the planet and beyond.

The environment is of course global. To protect the environment means a collective effort on behave of all countries, and its people. Our R&D team is reaching out to partners across the Globe in order to provide solutions that will be adaptable anywhere on Earth.
  • Butterfly Energy EMC Board
  • Butterfly Energy Thermostate Prototype 2
  • Butterfly Energy Thermostate Prototype 1
  • Wireless Network Module